Previous Updates

November 4, 2006

Gonna make this real fast.  Rearranged the top and added more to "Just one of those Days".  Good night.

April 17, 2006

Added High Bannanas to the Links page.  High Bannanas is a webcomic done by two girls that I met at the Texas Tech anime club.  I also added something that was missing from Galaxar's human form info page:  His birthday! Fixed now.

October 11, 2005

Updated the story some more and made some little cosmetic changes around.  Also, the site turned 6 years old as of July 21.

June 14, 2005

Yes, folks, I'm still here. Finally made a gif of the colored, shaded version of Galaxar to replace the pencil drawing Jet did several years ago.

February 6, 2005

Updated my story a little bit and also updated my bio and interest page.

February 3, 2005

New in updates today is a story that I've worked on recently. Plus a new drawing of Galaxar's human form done by a friend and I colored it.

October 1, 2004

Well, I'm still here. 5 years as of July 21. Wow, five years. Well, i have a LiveJournal now. yay. That is all. Move along, move along.

November 16, 2002

I made a bio page for my alter-ego, Galaxar. Right now only his humanoid form is up. I also updated my Links page by getting rid of the link for, since now it is gone. As of this update, they still had the goodbye page there.

October 17, 2002

Changed the file name and format for my bio page. It's now bio.html and it now fits with the cave format.

September 6, 2002

A couple of things to mention. First, Jenna finished drawing the humanoid form of Galaxar. That can be viewed here. Second, i got rid of that line that mentions my sister's art. She isn't doing any right now, but that may or may not in the future. Third, Speed ripped the Project Majestic Mix cd and stuck it here. I'll warn you now and say it's encoded in ogg format. For help and a codec, go here: Vorbis.

August 29, 2002

Several things to mention. First, Galaxar's Cavern has moved. Again! This time Speed is providing the space. Thanks Speed! So now i don't have to worry about space restrictions. (well, i only have a half a gig. I guess i just have to make do with what i've got. ;P ). Second, Galaxar's third birthday came and went without me even thinking about it. (it was last month) Belated birthday wishes will still be accepted! You can email Galaxar your neat belated birthday swag to .

July 1, 2002

Added the cast page of the Kirby anime comic in NP volume 158. It (as well as the rest of the comic when it gets scanned in) can be found here.

April 2, 2002

Changed the look of my website and switched it around a bit. Hopefully the redesign of the rest of the site will follow soon.

February 9, 2002

Updated my Links page. go have a look-see.

February 1, 2002

Yay! The rest of my site has been upload. Now everything should be available. As always, if you find any bad links, please email me at .

January 26, 2002

Nothing real major. Just changed the music format from spc to midi. Works a lot better.

November 16, 2001

Well, I've done several things. First, I completely changed the colors. Second, I toyed around with the setup a little bit. Third, I finally got the new galaxar up (thanks, jenna, for the pic). Fourth, throughout the weekend, I'll be uploading the rest of my site, so if you get a bad link, chances are that page hasn't been loaded yet, so just check back later. Well, that's all. Later.

November 14, 2001

Mwahahahahaha! I'm back. Not even nbci becoming part of msnbc could stop me for long. Gee, so much to do. Well, first off, as you can see, I'm now part of angelfire. (let's see how long that lasts). well, since i'm now in the process of uploading my site, if you care to report bad links, missing images, etc. or care to comment or suggest something, please email me at .

January 13, 2000

Did some minor work on some of the wording throughout the home page like getting rid of extra words, doing things I should have weeks ago, etc., etc.

December 26, 1999

Three things to mention. First, I hope you had a Merry Christmas. I should have done it on Christmas, but I had my Grandfather over. Second, and this is late but here goes, Galaxar's Domain turned 5 months old on the 21st of December. Third, I'm planning on changing the spc to a different one every so often.

December 15, 1999

You may have noticed something different about the site. Yes, I am using the famous ZD-SPC plugin in order to play the music you (hopefully) hear right now. If you don't hear it and/or don't see a message about Zophar, then go to the ZD-SPC home page to get the player and the plugin. Don't worry, the download is not long. Only one or two minutes, I think. Anyway, I'm also going to start a collection of spc's and put them on my web page under game music. I'll be more than happy to accept contributions. Just send them to .

November 22, 1999

Took the pictures of Link on my Links page down. Come to find out that Nintendo pictures are not public domain and won't be for 75 years. Also changed the copyright info at the bottom of most of my pages.

Yesterday this site turned 4 months old! Not much else happened. If there is something you want to see on this site, e-mail me at . By the way, the banner and video game fan art is still going on. Reason there are no links for it is because there is no fan art. So send it in to .

October 29, 1999

Yesterday was my 20th birthday. I would've posted that yesterday, but since it was my birthday, I was a little busy.

October 26, 1999

Three things today. First, I added the guestbook link you see above. Second, I need a banner for my web page and I am asking you to design one. The only size requirement is that it should be no bigger than the banner at the bottom of this page. So fire up your drawing mediums and imagination and send in your best work to me at . Third, this has to do with the second item. I would like to start a fan art page of video game characters from any and all systems. I just need the images from you. Send in your work to me at .

October 25, 1999

Fixed the Secret of Mana link and added a zipped version. Added a note about why the Castlevania Timeline isn't up yet. Added a new section called Game Music. Check it out.

October 23, 1999

Added a Secret of Mana FAQ and that's it.

October 21, 1999

Two things happened at this site today. One, this site is three months old! The second is that I got my 300th hit today at 7:13:51 am Mountain Standard Time. I'm still debating about what things I should upload next. If there's something you want to see on this website, send an email to and I'll see about it.

October 19, 1999

Today I added the Armageddon's Blade Codes I found to my website. Two of the codes were sent to me via email and are properly acknowledged.

August 23, 1999

Galaxar's Domain turned a month old on the 21st of August. What do I got to show for it? Nothing. Why you may ask? Because I've had hardly any visitors. So, if you're reading this, please sign my guestbook at the bottom and tell all your friends about this site.