Name: Galaxar (Humanoid Form)

Species: Humanoid

Age: appears to be early to mid twenties (about 24 or 25)

Birthday: July 21st

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 165 lbs.

Hair Color: light violet

Eyes: light violet

Hand: Ambidextrous

Weapon: Whip

Galaxar is a laid-back sort of person, but by no means does that make him a slacker. He just takes things as they come. Including rescuing fair maidens in distress and other adventures. Unfortunately for Galaxar, that doesn't seem to happen too much where he lives. Usually the only people in distress are the ones that have got Jetmode mad.

And speaking of Jetmode, her tavern is where Galaxar is if he's not at home in his countryside cave or out on some adventure or something. He usually sits at the corner table, sipping his drink, and observing the goings on of the tavern. He tends to try to stay out of any tavern fights, unless he is provoked or otherwise drawn in. Even then, he's still cool and collected.

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