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WNES Radio!

The following is a list of links of remixes of NES game music I recorded off of WNES Radio, including some unknown remixes. The Internet radio station originally transmitted the music at 32 Kbps and I recorded them at 56Kbps. I didn't record them at 128 Kbps because that would've taken longer to download. Plus, I only have 50 megs of webspace.

Update: The above info was when I was with xoom, I think. The known songs below no longer work, but I believe the unknowns do.

Bubble Bobble Remix Castlevania 2 Remix Dragon Warrior Overworld Theme Don't Blow in My Nintendo
Mario Remix Mario 3 Remix Mega Man 5-Gravity Man Metroid Remix
TMNT Theme Zelda Series Intro

Unknown Remixes

Hey, if you happen to recognize one or more of the songs, email me at at least the game it's from, if not the title of the song also. Thanks.
Unknown Remix one Unknown Remix two Unknown Remix three
Unknown Remix five Unknown Remix six Unknown Remix seven
Unknown Remix nine Unknown Remix ten

Chrono Trigger Remixes

I originally got these from this website. Unfortunately, the directory is no longer there.
1000 AD 600 AD Gato Fight With Magus
Robotics Facility Sewers Enhasa

Non-NES related mp3's

(These don't work, either.)
Ackbar Cheating

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Last updated on October 31st, 2007