Galaxar Growls

October 1, 2004

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August 28, 2000

Nintendo Game Cube(?)

When I first laid eyes on the Game Cube, I thought it was... different. And different it is. Because its dimensions are 6x6x4.3 inches, technically it is not a cube, but more like a rectangular prism. Another thing wrong with it, and I've seen other reviews note this, is the front panel is a different color than the rest of the unit and it sticks out like a sore thumb. But that's about all that's wrong with the system. Out of the 5 colors they had it in, I liked the silver one the best. I also like the top loading idea and the strap on the back. By the sound of the specs and looks of the demos shown at Spaceworld, this system will be a kick butt system and I can't wait another 9 months for E3 next May when they show actual games and not just demos of the games we saw at Spaceworld.

The Demos

The demos at Spaceworld were just out of this world. I loved every demo they showed, except Pokemon. I personally don't like Pokemon. I almost wet my pants when I saw the two Star Wars: Rogue Squadron demos. And to think that someone is playing as the X-Wing! The Mario tech demo demonstrated only a fraction of the power of the Game Cube. The Link and Gannondorf demo was spectacular. One of the things I noticed was that both characters have separate, animated fingers! The Metroid demo, although pre-rendered, pretty much guarantees a Metroid game for Game Cube. And last, but not least, is the Luigi Mansion demo. Now THAT was cool. I think that this might be a game for Game Cube because who would spend that much time on it just for a demo? Of course, you could also say that if that is just a demo, imagine what a full game would be like. It boggles the mind.

Well, that's all for this edition of Galaxar Growls. Galaxar out.